Local Resources: John Sherck

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Visit to John Sherck's

Ellie, Phil, and I visited John Sherck’s farm last week to learn about perennials and staple crops. As the climate changes, it's becoming even more important to have grains and other staple food crops that can survive and thrive in the droughts and floods of northern Indiana. John has been collecting seeds from USDA banks, indigenous groups, and other small scale seed savers, nationally and globally, to test the seed's viability with the local climate. He experiments with many different heirloom varieties of crops, including peanuts, squash, corn, barley, rice, etc. Besides experimenting with these staple crops, he also is interested in saving seeds to store for the long term testing and preservation of heirloom varieties.

If you have any interest in learning more about growing staple crops, different grain varieties, perennials, or seed saving, check out the listing in the Garden Resource Guide. John would be more than willing to educate and work with others who have a similar vision and passion for growing food and food security. He is also happy to give tours of his property at his convenience.

Check out the listing for John Sherck in the Garden Goshen resource guide: http://gardengoshen.org/resources